9-4-23 – Stephanie Marth – Rainier, OR

Our Club Member of the Week this week is – Stephanie Marth ! Everyone say hi to Stephanie! I hope you will enjoy getting to know her a little better!

Where are you from and where do you live now? Rainier, Oregon is my hometown and it is where I still live.

What is your favorite project you’ve ever made and why? My granddaughter’s announcement blanket and because she is my first grandchild.

What color seems to always make its way into your quilts? Blue

Do you do other types of sewing besides quilting? Embroidery and applique – newly beginner on both of these but I really enjoy them.

Do you have other creative hobbies? Quilting is creative but I also love to work out in my yard.

What’s your favorite creative outlet? Applique

Tell us about your family! I married my husband when I was 19, we have currently been married for 24 years. We have two grown children, our son Timothy is 23 and our daughter Makenzie is 22. We have our own dump truck business and our son and his girlfriend just blessed us with our first grandchild, Kaylie Kay in January. She was born at 26 weeks gestation and was only 1.26 lbs. She is now 7 months and weighs 12 lbs. She is still in the NICU, she is excelling but her lungs needed more time. She will hopefully be home in October if she keeps thriving and improving like she has been this past month. Its been a tough road for sure but she is a gem.

What’s your favorite food? Lately – Pizza

What’s your favorite TV Show or Movie? Justified