Fran Miller – Hillsboro, Ohio


Our Club Member of the Week this week is- Fran Miller ! Everyone say hi to Fran ! I hope you will enjoy getting to know her a little better!

Your Name:  Fran Miller

At what age did you start sewing/quilting?  7 years old for sewing and 8 years ago for quilting. 

What is your most favorite project you ever made and why?  My first crib quilt for my granddaughter.

Who or what inspired you to become a quilter? My mother made quilts for Project Linus.

What color do you have a hard time using in your quilts and why?  Have not come across that problem yet!

What color seems to always make its way into your quilts?  Blue

Do you do other types of sewing besides quilting? (clothing, home décor, etc.) Clothing and home decoration

Do you have other creative hobbies? (cooking, knitting, painting, gardening….) Baking and reading and I have a special relationship with Cricut.

If you won a shopping spree to a quilt store, what is the first thing you would splurge on? A long arm quilting machine.

Did you name your sewing machine? No

Favorite sewing gadget? Quilting foot

What treats do you indulge in while working in your sewing room? Chai tea latte

What is your oldest UFO?  10 years, pajamas for my grandson when he was 3.

Your best sewing tip:  Sew/cut out whatever you need to do every day, even if it is only for 15 minutes.

What is your favorite technique (hand embroidery, hand applique, machine applique, etc.) Hand embroidery

What type of quilt or block is on your “bucket list” and why?  Log cabin or wedding ring

Tell us about your family (children, grandchildren, fur babies, etc.) I am married to the best guy in the world.  I have a daughter that is a 5th grade teacher, and she is married with one daughter.  My son is in the military, and he is married with 4 children, 3 boys and one girl.  I have another daughter that is a special education teacher, and one more daughter that works for the attorney general.  I have to say that they are best children anyone could ask for!  And we have a yellow lab named Charlie.  He looks out the window while I sew.

Where do you live, and what is your favorite thing about where you live?  Hillsboro, Ohio and I live in the woods.

Favorite vacation spot?  Anywhere with my husband or family

Favorite food? That is a hard question as I like pretty much everything.

Favorite television show? Bosch

If someone made a movie about your life, who would play you?  No idea, I am really bad at actress/actor names…lol

Are you a rightie or leftie?  Rightie

Anything else you’d like to share:  I am fairly new to quilting.  I am now retired and definitely want to do more quilting and expand from crib quilts.